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Our Stump Grinding Service .

Removal of your tree may only be part of the job, as there will be a stump left afterwards.

In many cases this is not a relevant concern, however, if there is a requirement for stump removal, then Dales Gardening can offer a reliable, quick and cost-effective stump grinding service, and to get the job completed faster than most other tree surgery companies.

For stump grinding in nottinghamshire, our team is fully qualified and insured. Working in hard-to-reach places, confined spaces, and on difficult terrains.

By removing tree stumps with stump grinders, the roots are effectively destroyed, as the stump is ground into chippings. To remove stumps and surface roots with minimal damage to the ground, we use the latest narrow access equipment.

The size, location and number of stumps to be removed will determine our prices. We are able to remove the smallest to largest of stumps and perform stump grinding in bassetlaw

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Tree pruning

Professional tree surgeon will thin, lift or reduce the crowns of your big trees. That way your garden will have access to more sunlight and your trees will grow healthier.
Tree removal – If a tree should be removed for any reason, the specialists know how to do it in a safe and effective way. Keep in mind that for some trees you might need permission from the council.

Tree felling –Tree felling is usually used for damaged trees which need to be removed safely. The tree surgeons, we work with, also do emergency tree work,call 07880805596
Crown shaping –Professional shaping of your trees' crowns, which improves the overall aestethic looks of your garden.
Stump grinding –If what you are left with is just a stump, and you decide that you want it gone, then we can grind it for you. It's done with a powerful stump grinder. Once the stump is removed, the roots of the tree will naturally dissolve in the soil.
Ivy removal –Ivy can actually compliment the look of some buildings, but at a certain point it becomes more of a problem. Expert tree surgeons can remove it for you.
Large bush removal – Just like trees, bushes can also get in the way. The specialists can completely remove any large bush at your property.